Let Go Of Sorrow.

Let Go Of Sorrow.

Letting Go of Sorrow:

If I allow bitterness and resentment to fester inside, it will make my relationships guarded and unsatisfying. The more I close down to others, the more I become a stranger to myself. By letting go of sorrow and negativity, I can keep my nature open and loving. Remaining open to life, with its constant adventures and opportunities to grow, is the only way to reach my full potential. Free from Waste: In order to be the best, it is important to be free from waste. Even a drop of something negative spoils the taste and utility of something positive. In the same way, if I want to make my thoughts and life beautiful, I need to keep myself free from waste and negative. To be the best, I need to free myself of waste. Today I will check if I am free from waste. Whenever I catch myself spending time and energy with anything waste, I will stop, check and change. This will keep me positive throughout the day.

A Simple Definition Of Contentment : If one was asked to define contentment, how would one do the same? A very simple and easy to understand, definition of contentment, is:

At the present moment it would be:

* wherever you are is wherever you are meant to be

* whatever you are doing is whatever you are meant to be doing

* whatever everyone else is doing is what they are meant to be doing.

To experience constant contentment, we need to become aware of all the things that make us discontent (dissatisfied) and free ourselves from those things (ideas, opinions, objects, people). We don’t have to reject them or distance ourselves from them, but a detachment from them, a detachment at the level of the consciousness that will bring back our inner freedom. Detachment is then accompanied by the experience of a deep, inner awareness of satisfaction and stillness, because you stop being dependent on anything or anyone outside ourselves.

It is highly unlikely that we will arrive at this deep state of fulfillment very soon – though we may touch it and experience it temporarily. It is only by understanding and accepting completely that everything is the way it is meant to be at every moment, both outside our minds and inside our minds that we move closer to being content.

Alphabet of Happiness…

Alphabet of Happiness…

A–Accept Accept others for who they are and for the choices they’ve made even if you have difficulty understanding their beliefs, motives, or actions.

B–Break Away Break away from everything that stands in the way of what you hope to accomplish with your life.

C–Create  a family of friends whom you can share your hopes, dreams, sorrows, and happiness with.

D–Decide  that you’ll be successful and happy come what may, and good things will find you. The roadblocks are only minor obstacles along the way.

E–Explore  and experiment. The world has much to offer, and you have much to give. And every time you try something new, you’ll learn more about yourself.

F–Forgive  and forget. Grudges only weigh you down and inspire unhappiness and grief. Soar above it, and remember that everyone makes mistakes.

G–Grow up leave the childhood monsters behind. They can no longer hurt you or stand in your way.

H–Hope  for the best and never forget that anything is possible as long as you remain dedicated to the task.

I–Ignore the negative voice inside your head. Focus instead on your goals and remember your accomplishments. Your past success is only a small inkling of what the future holds.

J–Journey  to new worlds, new possibilities, by remaining open-minded. Try to learn something new every day, and you’ll grow.

K–Know that no matter how bad things seem, they’ll always get better. The warmth of spring always follows the harshest winter.

L–Love Let love fill your heart instead of hate. When hate is in your heart, there’s room for nothing else, but when love is in your heart, there’s room for endless happiness.

M–Manage  your time and your expenses wisely, and you’ll suffer less stress and worry. Then you’ll be able to focus on the important things in life.

N–Never  ignore the poor, infirm, helpless, weak, or suffering. Offer your assistance when possible, and always your kindness and understanding.

O–Open your eyes and take in all the beauty around you. Even during the worst of times, there’s still much to be thankful for.

P–Play, never forget to have fun along the way. Success means nothing without happiness.

Q–Question Ask many questions, because you’re here to learn.

R–Refuse to let worry and stress rule your life, and remember that things always have a way of working out in the end.

S–Share your talent, skills, knowledge, and time with others. Everything that you invest in others will return to you many times over.

T–Try anyway, even when your dreams seem impossible to reach. You’ll be amazed by what you can accomplish.

U–Use  your gifts to your best ability. Talent that’s wasted has no value. Talent that’s used will bring unexpected rewards.

V–Value  family members and the friends who’ve supported and encouraged you, and be there for them as well.

W–Work  hard every day to be the best person you can be, but never feel guilty if you fall short of your goals. Every sunrise offers a second chance.

X–X-Ray Look deep inside like X-Ray in the hearts of those around you and you’ll see the goodness and beauty within.

Y–Yield to commitment. If you stay on track and remain dedicated, you’ll find success at the end of the road.

Z–Zoom  to a happy place when bad memories or sorrow rears its ugly head. Let nothing interfere with your goals. Instead, focus on your abilities, your dreams, and a brighter tomorrow.


A Story With A Moral- An Ant

A Story With A Moral- An Ant

One Sunday morning a wealthy man sat in his balcony enjoying sunshine and his coffee when a little ant caught his eye which was going from one side to the other side of the balcony carrying a big leaf several times more than its size. The man watched it for more than an hour. He saw that the ant faced many impediments during its journey, , took a diversion and then continued towards destination.

At one point the tiny creature came across a crack in the floor. It paused for a little while, analysed and then laid the huge leaf over the crack, walked over the leaf, picked the leaf on the other side then continued its journey.

The man was captivated by the cleverness of the ant, one of Allah’s tiniest creatures. The incident left the man in awe and forced him to contemplate over the miracle of Creation. It showed the greatness of the Creator. In front of his eyes there was this tiny creature of Allah, lacking in size yet equipped with a brain to analyze, contemplate, reason, explore, discover and overcome. Along with all these capabilities, the man also noticed that this tiny creature shared some human shortcomings.

The man saw about an hour later the creature had reached its destination – a tiny hole in the floor which was an entrance to its underground dwelling. And it was at this point that the ant’s shortcoming that it shared with the man was revealed. How could the ant carry into the tiny hole the large leaf that it had managed to carefully bring to the destination? It simply couldn’t!

So the tiny creature, after all the painstaking and hard work and exercising great skills, overcoming all the difficulties along the way, just left behind the large leaf and went home empty-handed.

The ant had not thought about the end before it began its challenging journey and in the end the large leaf was nothing more than a burden to it. The creature had no option, but to leave it behind to reach its destination. The man learned a great lesson that day.

Moral: Isn’t that the truth about our lives?

We worry about our family, we worry about our job, we worry about how to earn more money, we worry about where we should live – 5 bedroom or 6 bedroom house, what kind of vehicle to buy – a Mercedes or BMW or a Porsche, what kind of dresses to wear, all sorts of things, only to abandon all these things when we reach our destination – The Grave. We don’t realize in our life’s journey that these are just burdens that we are carrying with utmost care and fear of losing them, only to find that at the end they are useless and we can’t take them with us.

Men Are Special Too….

Men Are Special Too….

We , as society keep reminding each other how “special” women are, yes we, BUT we never remind each other how special “the men in our lives” are, yes they are as well… Here are a few examples how special they are:

A man is the most beautiful part of Allah’s creation who starts compromising at a very tender age.

  • He sacrifices his chocolates… for his sister.
  • He sacrifices his dreams, for just a smile on his parents face.
  • He spends his entire pocket money on buying gifts for the lady he loves just to see her smiling.
  • He sacrifices his full youth for his wife children by working late at night without any complain.
  • He builds their future by taking loans from banks repaying them for lifetime.
  • He struggles a lot still has to bear scolding from his mother, wife boss.
  • His life finally ends up only by compromising for others’ happiness.
  • If he goes out, then he’s careless.
  • If he stays at home, then he’s a lazy.
  • If he scolds children, then he’s a monster
  • If he doesn’t scold, then he’s a irresponsible guy.
  • If he stops wife from working, then he’s an insecure guy.
  • If he doesn’t stops wife from working, then he’s somebody who lives on wife’s earnings.
  • If he listens to mom, then he’s mama’s boy.
  • If he listens to wife, he’s wife’s slave.

Let us start respecting every male in our lives. We will never really know what he has sacrificed for us.

To the “men” in my life, thank you for all you have and still do for me, may The Almighty Allah reward you, Aameen


Islam is…

Islam is…

Islam Is A Religion Of Ease,

Islam Is Nor Human Please Or Tease,

Islam Is A Way Of Life,

Islam Is Not Violence With Knife,

Islam Is A Religion Of Love,

Islam Is Based On Trust In Allah Like A Dove,

Islam Is Helping The Poor Give Money,

Islam Is Tasting Sweetness Of Iman Like Honey,

Islam Is Based On Brotherhood,

Islam Is An Ummah Unite We Should,

Islam Is A Smile,

Islam Is Help A Friend Phone And Dial,

Islam Is Rememberance Of Allah Who Is Ar-Rahman,Ar-Rahim,

Islam Is Obtaining Your Islam Potential We Work We Dream,

Islam Is Having Taqwa And Showing Patience By Striving,

Islam Is Nor Rage Like Fire Or Anger By Diving,

Islam Is Bulit Upon 5 Pillars,

Islam Is Praising Allah During Hardships The Killers,

Islam Is Reading/Implementing Hadith And Quran,

Islam Is Staying Away From Haram,

Islam Is Buliding Good Deeds Till Death,

Islam Is Repenting Till Last Breath,

Islam Is The Light,

Islam Is Key To Success Subhanallah So Bright,

Islam Is Praising Allah When Low Or High,

Islam Is Loving Animals,Insects Especially Fly,

Islam Is Truth Allah’s Pleasure We Creed,

Islam Is Nor Arrogance Or Greed,

Islam Is Full Time Submission Not Part Time,

Islam Is Sweet As Sugar Not Sour As Lime,

Islam Is For Young,Old And Teen,

Islam Is For All Where Have You Been???

“Give Up…”15 Thing…

“Give Up…”15 Thing…

We hold on to so many things that cause us a great deal of pain, stress and suffering and instead of letting them all go and allowing ourselves to be stress-free and happy, we cling on to them. Well, not anymore. Starting today, we will give up on all those things that no longer serve us, and we will embrace change. Ready? Here we go!

  • Give up your need to always be right: There are so many of us who can’t stand the idea of being wrong wanting to always be right even at the risk of ending great relationships or causing a great deal of stress and pain for us and for others. It’s just not worth it. Whenever you feel the ‘urgent’ need to jump into a fight over who is right and who is wrong, ask yourself this question from Dr. Wayne Dyer: ‘Would I rather be right, or would I rather be kind?’ What difference will that make? Is your ego really that big?
  • Give up your need for control: Be willing to give up your need to always control everything that happens to you and around you situations, events, people, etc. Whether they are loved ones, co-workers, or just strangers you meet on the street just allow them to be. Allow everything and everyone to be just as they are and you will see how much better will that make you feel.
  • Give up on blame: Give up on your need to blame others for what you have or don’t have, for what you feel or don’t feel. Stop giving your powers away and start taking responsibility for your life.
  • Give up your self-defeating self-talk: Oh my. How many people are hurting themselves because of their negative, polluted and repetitive self-defeating mind set? Don’t believe everything that your mind is telling you especially if it’s negative and self-defeating. You are better than that.Give up your limiting beliefs about what you can or cannot do, about what is possible or impossible: From now on, you are no longer going to allow your limiting beliefs to keep you stuck in the wrong place. Spread your wings and fly!
  • Give up complaining: Give up your constant need to complain about those many, many, many things people, situations and events that make you unhappy, sad and depressed. Nobody can make you unhappy, no situation can make you sad or miserable unless you allow it to. It’s not the situation that triggers those feelings in you, but how you choose to look at it. Never underestimate the power of positive thinking.
  • Give up the luxury of criticism: Give up your need to criticize things, events or people that are different than you. We are all different, yet we are all the same. We all want to be happy, we all want to love and be loved and we all want to be understood. We all want something, and something is wished by us all.
  • Give up your need to impress others: Stop trying so hard to be something that you’re not just to make others like you. It doesn’t work this way. The moment you stop trying so hard to be something that you’re not, the moment you take of all your masks, the moment you accept and embrace the real you, you will find people will be drawn to you, effortlessly.
  • Give up your resistance to change: Change is good. Change will help you move from A to B. Change will help you make improvements in your life and also the lives of those around you. Follow your bliss, embrace change don’t resist it.
  • Give up labels: Stop labeling the things, people or events that you don’t understand as being weird or different and try opening your mind, little by little. Minds only work when open. The highest form of ignorance is when you reject something you don’t know anything about.
  • Give up on your fears: Fear is just an illusion, it doesn’t exist you created it. It’s all in your mind. Correct the inside and the outside will fall into place.
  • Give up your excuses: A lot of times we limit ourselves because of the many excuses we use. Instead of growing and working on improving ourselves and our lives, we get stuck and lie to ourselves, using all kind of excuses that 99.9% of the time, are not even real.
  • Give up the past: I know. This one’s hard. Especially when the past looked so much better than the present and the future looks so frightening. But, you have to take into consideration the fact that the present moment is all you have and all you will ever have. The past you are now longing for the past that you are now dreaming about was ignored by you when it was present. Stop deluding yourself. Be present in everything you do and enjoy life. After all, life is a journey not a destination. Have a clear vision for the future, prepare yourself, but always be present in the now.
  • Give up attachment: This is a concept that, for most of us, is so hard to grasp and I have to tell you that it was for me too (it still is), but it’s not impossible. You get better and better at it with time and practice. The moment you detach yourself from all things (and that doesn’t mean you give up your love for them because love and attachment have nothing to do with one another. Attachment comes from a place of fear, while love well, real love is pure, kind, and selfless; where there is love there can’t be fear, and because of that, attachment and love cannot co-exist) you become so peaceful, so tolerant, so kind, and so serene. You will get to a place where you will be able to understand all things without even trying. A state beyond words.
  • Give up living your life to other people’s expectations: Way too many people are living a life that is not theirs to live. They live their lives according to what others think is best for them; they live their lives according to what their parents think is best for them; to what their friends, their enemies and their teachers, their government and the media think is best for them. They ignore their inner voice, that inner calling. They are so busy with pleasing everybody, with living up to other people’s expectations, that they lose control over their lives. They forget what makes them happy, what they want, what they need and eventually, they forget about themselves. You have one life this one right now you must live it, own it, and especially don’t let other people’s opinions distract you from your path.

Why Are You Silent??????

we know

Why Are You Silent??????

Oh Muslim Kings, Sheiks And Presidents and Presidents of The World.

Why are you so silent to the cries, agony, and hardships of you fellow humans in Palestine, what goes through your minds when you see the pictures and videos of what genocide is being done to them?

I can tell you what happens to me, I cry that in my mind, I cry in my heart, I cry with tears, I cry in prayer, I cry that all I can do is pray for them, I cry that I HAD NOT BEEN BLESSED WITH ARMIES AND WEALTH LIKE YOU ARE!! For if I had been I would have given everything I have to Palestine. What do you do? You turn a blind eye!

How do sleep at night, does your heart not ache? Does your body not shake in pain for them? I can tell you, that I CANT SLEEP, MY HEART IS IN CONSENT PAIN, AND BODY SHAKES FOR THE PAIN THEY GOING THROUGH.

Why are you been puppets to the Israeli Assassins OR MURDERERS? YES I SAID “Assassins” and Murderers, oh yes lets add Serial Killers to the list, for they are that and more.

Have you asked yourselves how are you going to answer to Allah (God)? Have you asked yourselves how are you going to stand in front of HIM and answer : “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HELP?” or “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE POWER AND WEALTH THAT I HAD BLESSED YOU WITH?”

I sincerely hope that this letter reaches you, that you read, ponder over it, may it touch your hearts to get find the courage to stand up for Palestine, for the innocent lives that are being taken.