A man once came to al-Hasan al-Basri and complained to him: “The sky does not shower us with rain.” He replied: “Seek Allah’s forgiveness (i.e. say أستغفر ألله).”

Then another person came to him and said, “I complain of poverty.” He replied: “Seek Allah’s forgiveness.”

Then another person came to him and complained, “My wife is barren; she cannot bear children.” He replied: “Seek Allah’s forgiveness.”

The people who were present, said to al-Hasan: “Everytime a person came to you complaining, you instructed them to seek Allah’s forgiveness?”

Al-Hasan al-Basri said, “Have you not read the statement of Allah? ‘I said “Ask forgiveness of your Lord. Truly He is Oft-Forgiving. He will send rain to you in abundance; increase you in wealth and children; grant you gardens and bestow on you rivers.”‘” [Nuh (71):10-12]

There are two things in the earth that give a person safety and security from the punishment of Allah. The first has been removed, whilst the second still remains. As for the first, it was the Messenger of Allah (صلي ألله عليه و سلم).“Allah would not punish them while you were among them.” [al-Anfal (8):33] As for the second, it is istighfar. “Allah would not punish them as long as they sought forgiveness.” [al-Anfal (8):33]أستغفر ألله… أستغفر ألله… أستغفر ألله…

Do not ever leave istighfar

Astaghfirullaaha wa ‘atoobu ‘ilayhi.

I seek the forgiveness of Allah and repent to Him. (Recite one hundred times in Arabic during the day)It is reported in Saheeh Muslim that Prophet Muhammad SAWS said: “I seek forgiveness one hundred times in a day.” [Muslim

Rasul Allah (saws) said, “If anyone continually asks forgiveness, Allah will appoint for him a way out of every distress, relief from anxiety, and will provide for him from where he never realized.” 

[Abu Dawood, Hadith 599]


6 comments on “ISTAGHFAR

  1. Salam! I nominated you for the Freestyle Writing Challenge.
    Rules here:

  2. Ibrahim A. Malgwi says:


  3. FZA says:

    Thank you for this great reminder. i hope inshallah everyone is having a great Ramadan.
    Once a heart softens, (and it most certainly does in giving charity and being kind to a stranger and spreading the salam) it automatically connects to it’s Lord and then it realizes how kind, how close, how generous, how gentle his Lord has been to him, Naturally a heart will beg for forgiveness in the early hours of the night, sweet warm tears will fall and he will beg for His Forgiveness. And no matter how good the heart may have been, he’ll only cry over and over again. “oh Allah, I’m so sorry I’ve left you down, please, please forgive me.”
    May Allah forgives us.

    • muslimah says:

      It’s a pleasure.
      It’s a great reminder for us to turn to Allah and seek forgiveness. Allah is the Most Merciful,Most Compassionate,Most Forgiving,may The Almighty accept our prayers, in that which is good for us.Aameen.
      Thank you for your comment :-)

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