You Are…

You Are…

You are strong…

When you take your grief and teach it to smile.

You are brave…

When you overcome your fear and help others to do the same.

You are happy…

When you see a flower and are thankful for the blessing.

You are loving…

When your own pain does not blind you to the pain of others.

You are wise…

When you know the limits of your wisdom.

You are true…

When you admit there are times you fool yourself.

You are alive…

When tomorrow’s hope means more to you than yesterday’s mistake.

You are growing…

When you know what you are but not what you will become.

You are free…

When you are in control of yourself and do not wish to control others.

You are honorable…

When you find your honor is to honor others.

You are generous…

When you can take as sweetly as you can give.

You are humble…

When you do not know how humble you are.

You are thoughtful…

When you see me just as I am and treat me just as you are.

You are merciful…

When you forgive in others the faults you condemn in yourself.

You are beautiful…

When you don’t need a mirror to tell you.

You are rich…

When you never need more than what you have.

You are you…

When you are at peace with who you are not.


4 comments on “You Are…

  1. Talib-ul-Ilm says:

    Walaykum Salaam,

    I see, Jazakullah Khair.


  2. Mu'awiya says:

    Aslm Sister Muslimah
    What a beautiful answer, shukran for the tips as well. May Allah reward you for all you share.amen.

  3. Talib-ul-Ilm says:

    Salaam ul aikum,

    Could you explain a bit more about “You are you…When you are at peace with who you are not.”?

    I’m confused about the ‘not’ part.

    Is that in relation to being comfortable knowing who you are, your capabilities, etc. and being content/peaceful with that than in comparison to when you don’t know who you are or your capabilities, etc?

    Shukran in advance.


    • muslimah says:

      As sala’amu alaikum

      Before I begin, Jazakumullah for your comment, I am sorry for delay in posting your comment.
      The part: “You are you…When you are at peace with who you are not.” What was meant by that…? I sat down and thought what has made me at peace, my last year was a hard and trying year, and the answer was contentment, contentment in everything that Allah has placed upon me.
      Some of us have a good car that meets our needs, but we always want more expensive one, a Mercedes, BMW or a Jaguar , we have a comfortable house, but we always want a bigger, fancier, more expensive one, some of us are pale in colour but we go for a tan , some of us are dark in colour so we go for skin bleaching, some us have dark eyes, but we go for colour contact lenses, we always think about more and what we don’t have rather than saying, “Alhamdulillah,” for what we already have. Allah has created each one of us in His own special way, each of us has something special that another does not have. Contentment is not the fulfillment of what we want, but the realization of how much we already have.
      3 Suggestions in Developing Contentment:
      • When purchasing something, we should consider what we need, not how glamorous or prestigious it is.
      • We should feel empathy for the poor and know that they have rights on our excess money.
      • We should look at what we already have and be thankful to Allah.
      Abu Hurairah (RA) said Rasulullah (SAW)) said: “Richness is not having many belongings, but richness is the richness of the soul (contentment).”(Muslim)
      So the greatest of riches we can attain, is contentment of ones soul, and having a contented heart and this will not be achieved except through humbling oneself before Allah.
      Rasulullah (SAW said: “Riches are not from an abundance of worldly goods, but from a contented mind.”
      “Allah loveth those who are content.”

      Walaikum as salaam

      Ps. I sincerely hope that this answers your question.
      Pss. I am I And I Am At Peace With That…. Are You ? :)

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