A Joy Of Being A Woman..

A Joy Of Being A Woman..

The woman does not have to be just beautiful,

Must be caring, sympathetic, Feminine, charming and sincere.

You must have her beauty in your heart,

Because the beauty of the body, Weather is stolen, though she creates

They never lose their beauty,

The physical is not enduring,

The heart is maintained, At the heart true beauty is enclosed.

That beauty is never lost,

Inside, in our hearts,

It really is where the real truth.

The truth that we must maintain,

And we forget that beauty

Only lies to us with an image

Deceives us because obscures,

It can never come to reveal,

The beauty that encloses, True, he never abandons us.

And though time goes by,

Never change their beauty,

Because the heart never changes,

And that is its great height …

Thank you ALLAH for making me a woman

What a joy of being a woman!

Blessed are all women on earth!

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