Why Are You Silent??????

we know

Why Are You Silent??????

Oh Muslim Kings, Sheiks And Presidents and Presidents of The World.

Why are you so silent to the cries, agony, and hardships of you fellow humans in Palestine, what goes through your minds when you see the pictures and videos of what genocide is being done to them?

I can tell you what happens to me, I cry that in my mind, I cry in my heart, I cry with tears, I cry in prayer, I cry that all I can do is pray for them, I cry that I HAD NOT BEEN BLESSED WITH ARMIES AND WEALTH LIKE YOU ARE!! For if I had been I would have given everything I have to Palestine. What do you do? You turn a blind eye!

How do sleep at night, does your heart not ache? Does your body not shake in pain for them? I can tell you, that I CANT SLEEP, MY HEART IS IN CONSENT PAIN, AND BODY SHAKES FOR THE PAIN THEY GOING THROUGH.

Why are you been puppets to the Israeli Assassins OR MURDERERS? YES I SAID “Assassins” and Murderers, oh yes lets add Serial Killers to the list, for they are that and more.

Have you asked yourselves how are you going to answer to Allah (God)? Have you asked yourselves how are you going to stand in front of HIM and answer : “WHAT DID YOU DO TO HELP?” or “WHAT DID YOU DO WITH THE POWER AND WEALTH THAT I HAD BLESSED YOU WITH?”

I sincerely hope that this letter reaches you, that you read, ponder over it, may it touch your hearts to get find the courage to stand up for Palestine, for the innocent lives that are being taken.






6 comments on “Why Are You Silent??????

  1. proudamah says:

    SubhanAllah how sad isn’t it that we can quote taghoot of kuffar on the crisis in Palestine, yet the leaders of muslim coutries stay silent…

  2. FZA says:

    Why the onslaught? Why all this suffering, especially during our blessed month of Ramadan. What are their hearts made out of that they don’t come to their aid! How can they sit and enjoy themselves when all this suffering is happening. What kind of heart aims and kills young children playing on a beach. I hate myself for not doing anything to help them. May Allah help them. Aid them and succeed.

  3. FZA says:

    the Little we can do, is at least say a prayer, our hearts bleed for them but we are helpless even thought we are a billion. How weak of a ummah are we. We should be ashamed of ourselves. We sit at home and watch them suffer on TV. I am guilty. I am guilty of that. We all are. May Allah help them. He’s the best and only one to help.

  4. FZA says:

    everything I’ve wanted to say and ask our so called Muslim leaders. thanks for posting. How on earth can they sleep at night??? that is a very good question.

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