Bounties Of Ramadan

Bounties Of Ramadan

Allah made fasting during this month an obligation whereas the Taraaweeh prayer is only voluntary. Whoever comes with any quality, towards Allah it is equal to one who does an obligatory good deed in any other month. But whoever does any good deed in Ramadan (obligation) it is equal to 70 good deeds in any another month

Ramadan is the month of patience and an increase in provision for a believer.

Whoever helps another believer to break his fast with even a piece of date Allah forgives his sins and clears him from Jahannam and purifies him for Jannah.


Allah showers us with rewards during this month for even a sip of water that you give to someone else. Rasulullah (SAW) advised us to increase four habits:

Increase saying La Ilaaha Ilallah

•Do a lot of Istighfaar to Allah (Asking For Forgiveness)

•Increase asking Allah to give you Jannah

•Ask Allah to protect you from Hell Fire


Whoever helps another person who is fasting at the time of breaking his fast with a sip of water, on the Day of Judgment; Allah will give that person water to drink and he will never be thirsty until he enters Jannah.

During Ramadan, the Shaytaan is all chained and locked up. Therefore, this is a chance for us Muslims to change our bad Habits and Develop Good Ones

Allah will see, who has sacrificed everything to worship Him and gain the treasures of Ramadan, if anyone is too busy and does not use Ramadan to increase their Imaan, then they are a Looser.

The odour from the mouth of a fasting person is more beloved to Allah than the smell of any sort of musk. Allah says to the Angels “Look at My Servant, He/She, Is Trying To Please Me; Bear Witness, I Forgive His/Her Sins”

Do not recite the Quran as a routine; do not pray Taraaweeh as a routine in life. Try to live the message, try to understand what Allah wants from us. Why does Allah want us to pray Taraaweeh? Is it to gain extra reward only? Yes, we get a lot of reward but that is not the only purpose…. it is for us to get closer to Allah, to wake up and to gain the knowledge of the Quran

We are alive this Ramadan….. but who can guaranteed us next Ramadan?

Once someone came to Rasulullah (SAW) and said so and so is an orphan, Rasulullah (SAW) replied, “The one who does not have anyone is not an orphan. An orphan is one who enters Ramadan and does not gain the Rahma (mercy) of Allah.”

The month of Ramadan is about giving, spending, seclusion, oneness and unity. We need to elevate ourselves to be for Allah, purify ourselves from all materialistic desires and live for the akhirah.

If we enter Ramadan with the right intentions, our good manners will increase, our Imaan will increase, our habits will change, and we will be a different person altogether.

We need to show Allah that we are ready to sacrifice for Him and that we want and desire His blessings, forgiveness, pleasure and Jannah. We need to show Him respect, detach ourselves from Dunya and elevate our souls.


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