The Lesson Of Ramadan

The Lesson Of Ramadan

 By Haroun Cambell 

Oh! You believer,

This month is for you.

You’ve waited all year,

For this moment so true.

The call of the Adhan,

On the first day of Ramadan.

In your heart,

You wish this month were never gone.

You wake in the night,

Praying to your Lord.

In this month you run,

From the frivolous hoard.

And if they catch you,

With their vain, idol talk.

You simply say, “I’m fasting,”

And away you walk.

The ground you delight in,

As you avoid any sinful glance.

For in Ramadan,

You hate to lose your chance.

No woman in this month do you covet,

You only want to be close to the Beloved.

Praying for forgiveness and purity too.

This month is one where hearts become new.

As the Imam recites,

Your heart does flutter.

For the sweetness of faith,

Makes the body tremble and shudder.

Longing for prostration,

So that you can make supplication.

Praying for forgiveness,

And tyrannical devastation.

You feel as the unfortunate during this month,

Oh! Believer.

For you and a multitude of others,

Are the gracious receivers.

For this month,

You see what truly is to be.

You understand the opposite of greed,

And that this worldly life, you truly don’t need.

In the days and nights,

Hungry mouths you do feed.

Knowing someday you will stand before Allah,

To whom you will plead.

But why, Oh! Believer,

Should these thoughts, feelings and acts stop after this Ramadan?

Do you feel that your ability will then be gone?

The catalyst it should be,

For you and for me,

To continue doing acts of piety,

And seeking closeness to the Beloved.

For He is the One in this life,

Who we should all covet.


One comment on “The Lesson Of Ramadan

  1. Yusra says:

    Assalamu’alaikum wr wb.
    Masha’Allah, very inspiring, and so beautifully written! <3 Jazakumullah khair. :)

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