Ramadhaan- The Month Of Cleansing

Ramadhaan- The Month Of Cleansing

Allah is reminding us that as Muslims we have been constantly sinning to the point that we have become filthy. Allah is asking us to return to Him during this month of cleansing.

The month of Ramadhaan is a chance for us to return to Allah, by cleaning ourselves, to remember Him. This is the Essence Of Salat ul Taraaweeh In Ramadhaan

Allah wants us to remember that every night is important during Ramadhaan. He wants us to remember His words, His mercy, His command, His advice, His wisdom, His promise about Jannah and His warnings about Jahannam.

The Arabs Of Early Times Had A Saying:

“If Someone Is Talking

Do Not Listen To That Person…

But We Must Recognize Who And What

That Person Does” That Way We Can Understand

What He Is Talking About…”


Likewise Allah is talking to us and calling us. But what is the reason for Allah to call us? It is for us to be careful, to wake up, to make an effort, to sacrifice, to struggle and do our utmost in Ramadhaan. What is the need for all of this?

It is because Ramadhaan is one month where we can acquire all the treasures that Allah has for us.

An example, If someone voluntarily offers a million Rands/ Dollars, etc would we ever be late to receive it, and will excuses such as “my education”, “my job,” etc come about? No, instead we will put in the utmost of our efforts to be on time for the money that has been promised to us

Remember and remind others that Allah wants us to make an effort to gain His mercy in Ramadhaan by exceedingly remembering Him and getting closer to Him.


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