Be Positive In Your Life

Be Positive In Your Life

Do not take life so seriously! Learn to laugh at the little things and everything will be much easier. Life is simple, it was designed that way. Add a dash of seriousness here and there and starts to get complicated. The more we think about life, the more meaningless it becomes. Life has no purpose except for the purpose we give it. It is simply a choice. Turn left, right, go backward or forward. When we lose sight, we miss the freedom of the options we have. We become fearful and anxious.

Think positive. A Mental Attitude positive attitude is correct in a given situation. It is an extreme optimistic notion that everything goes well just by looking at the bright side of things. Rather, it is a conscious way to replace negative thoughts that lead you nowhere with positive thoughts, allowing us to realize ourselves. It is a time to practice every moment until you replace self-doubt with confidence and it becomes a habit. As the muscles get stronger when we exercise, so does the mind.

Forgiveness. Remember that you do not forgive the other person well but to rid yourself of anger, negative thoughts, to stop being loading damage. You have to keep in mind that they act the way you see things, if someone made you aware damage or unconsciously choose to forgive, you free yourself to forgive yourself is self-love.

Learn to control your thoughts. Thoughts are the first step to make things happen. While the human mind is described as a stream of consciousness, that does not mean you cannot decide where to direct current flowing. I agree it is one of the most difficult steps and time consuming.

Learn to control your emotions. The only person who can make you unhappy is yourself! You’re the one that decides to be affected by the words and actions of others. Realize this so that the next time you experience a negative emotion, you find the strength within yourself to overcome it.

Limit the loss of time online. The Internet is an awesome tool, but sometimes we can spend tons of time. It is a lie that Facebook or Twitter are lost time, the lost time we do it. So for those who cannot help themselves, no extensions.

Displays every day. It has been said and proven time and again that what you focus on is what you get. If you complain all the time, obviously you get more things which you complain. The same goes for good things like health, wealth and happiness. So spend some time in the morning and imagine yourself achieving what you want most. Focus is key in this exercise, so choose a quiet place where you are not disturbed.

Do not depend on anyone emotionally. There are three types of social dependence, economic and emotional: On the emotional is impressive as there is so much dependent people, both men and women in the relationship and to any displeasure express phrases like “if you leave I die” “My life has no meaning if you are not”, “You are my breath, if they do not break.” That’s called blackmail or fear.

Do not compare yourself to others. It’s true, sometimes we admire certain qualities of others, but one thing to admire and one is wanting to be like somebody else. We all have different strengths and weaknesses to decide how to apply and where. Never believe someone more or less than others.

Do not resist. Instead of resisting certain situation, accept what is a fact, there are situations that however hard we try we can not change, your stress increases when you resist what happens to you and give more power to what we are resisting, accepting and drop your resistance, you regain your power. So at this point in your life what is important to let go? I speak not of resignation but initiate a solution to get what you do if you can control.

Consider abundant. First, understand that it is the abundance … Not having much money, it’s your natural state of being. By nature we are already abundant, what happens is that we lack your thoughts is what makes you look a reality with few options. Example: I have to work really very hard to get what I want in life. You have to find your passion and what makes you happy and the money will come as a result.When someone is working in a place that does not like or be studying something that fills you, but you have no choice, then you are playing the victim and as you sacrifice every day there will be abundance and there is no consistency in your life …

Do what you love to do


These tips, which more than tips are habits have no doubt that it had read in another blog or in a book and surely have implemented, make us understand how to control our own lives, to have hands securely fastened the wheel of the car to decide where to direct it. By practicing these habits will strengthen others unconsciously as patience, will, among many and you will notice that you will be easier to accomplish anything. Of course there will be things you will not have control, but we will always be our own interpretation to see and know how to resolve these situations.

There is no formula for how to learn, of course there will be many authors describe how, but personally everyone has to find ways and realize that in order to achieve a habit first have to master another. You yourself know which. Remember that change is good and stagnation is bad. When you’re not moving or changing, when you realize that what you are creating is pain and suffering, understand that you yourself created that reality, then you will move and you will make a drastic change for the better. You will notice that a particular belief is that is causing you more harm than good, just trust that you will find a new and replace the following with the old.



One comment on “Be Positive In Your Life

  1. FZA says:

    Many thanks for these great reminders.

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