Courtesy Another Name For Politeness

Courtesy Another Name For Politeness

Courtesy is nothing more than consideration for others. It opens the doors that would not otherwise open. A courteous person, who is not very sharp, will go further in life than a discourteous but sharp person.

It is little things that make a big difference. Courtesy is made of nothing more than many small gifts. Small courtesies will take a person much further than cleverness. Courtesy is an offshoot of deep moral behaviour. It costs nothing but pays well.

No one is too big or too busy to practice courtesy. Courtesy means giving a seat to the elderly or to the disabled. Courtesy can be a warm smile or a thank-you to the people. It is a small investment but payoffs are big. It enhances the other person’s self-worth. Courtesy requires humility.

Courtesy and manners go hand in hand. It is equally important to practice manners at home and not just on outsiders. Showing consideration and good manners brings out a feeling of warmth and acceptance in the home. Courtesy means practicing good manners and making small sacrifices to others.

Besides being self-satisfying, politeness and courtesy have many more advantages than rude behaviour. Rude and discourteous people may get short-term results. Most people avoid dealing with such behaviour and in the long run, rude people are disliked. Courteous behaviour ought to be taught to children at an early age so that they can grow and become mature, considerate adults. Courteous behaviour, once learned, stays for life. It demonstrates a caring attitude and sensitivity to other people’s feelings. It seems trivial and unimportant, little phrases such as “please” “thank-you” and “I am sorry” take a person a long way. Remember, being courteous will breed courtesy in return. Practice as much as often as you can. Initially, it may take some attention, but the effort is well worth it.

Politeness is the hallmark of gentleness. Courtesy is another name for politeness. It costs a little but pays a lot, not only to the individual bit also to the entire organisation. Have you noticed that sometimes, when one person is telling a joke, another person will jump in and give the punch line, drawing attention to himself? And after everyone laughs he will reveal where he read it. This may show superior knowledge but it shows inferior manners.

Many brilliant and talented people have destroyed their own success because they lack courtesy and manners. Politeness and courtesy are signs of being cultured. Rudeness and discourtesy show the lack of it. Treat other people with respect and dignity.

“Rudeness is the weak man’s imitation of strength.”

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