Share Information Carefully

Share Information Carefully

Everyone have a lot of friends, but every friend can be best it is not necessarily. In spite of many friends, we cannot say that all friends will come to help whenever we need them. Whenever we fall in problems in our life, then we try to find right person, who could help us. We maintain friendship with many people but we do not share our personal thing to all.

Why some friends become most important in our life, because whenever we need them, then we find them with us. Some people are act like a best friend but actually they are not. Whenever we fall in troubles then we share our problems and try to find some helping hands among the friends, sometime we get and some time we do not get.

Some friends come out to help us and somebody ignore us. some friends, instead of helping us they start back biting and they laugh on our condition , although they act like a good well wisher, I believe that you all be agree on this point. I want to say that whenever we fall in trouble and need helping hands that time we should carefully choose best friend among many friends.

Who is best friend? Best friend is that ,who does not only help although who feel pain for you and always give you morally and some time financially help as you need, and does not make your position awkward in front of others even who does not explains your problems to others in any circumstances. If you are not agree with me and do you think that you have very good friends and they can do anything then try and examine them, your illusion will break.

We need friends in our life for work, for love, for talk, for relation etc. Keep friends but share your personal thing only with them who will never ditch you, who will stand with you like a wall in troubles, who will protect you , who will feel your pain, who will not start back biting after helping you, although who will not leave you alone because of afraid that he can also falls in problems due to helping you. If any friend does not come forward to helping you, although they leave you alone for crying, whenever you are in great need then what is meaning to keep so many friends in your list. We need very few friend instead of many, who always stands with us in any condition and whenever we need them, we found them close to us. Choose few friends among many friends; contemplate before choosing your closest friend before sharing yourself. Who will be caring about you, who will purely hug you and assure that your problem is his problem. Your pain is his pain .He will never leave you alone whenever you need him.

Do not share your problems with anyone assuming that they will help you. Be confident, examine them, provide a chance to prove themselves, whenever you will be 100% sure then share your personal feelings not before you examine how strongly you feel on the friendship , otherwise you will be regretting it for life.


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