No One Is Perfect.

No One Is Perfect.

Do you like yourself? Your whole self? Most young people have trouble with the way they perceive themselves. They fail to see value in themselves, fail to see talent, and fail to see ability. It’s wrong!
You are not the only one in the world with negative feelings about yourself! We all have something we don’t like in our body as well as our mind for that matter.

Let’s figure out what is this problem all about and fix it as soon as we can.

On one side, we have ones labelled as ‘gifted ‘.They are the motivated ones, the ones that have passion, popularity most of the time and turn heads everywhere they go. Some youngsters actually earn that through hard-work.

On the other hand…well… most of us know what means to be sitting in a corner, away from the spotlight and wondering: “I wish I knew that popularity too, it must be so cool!”

Most members of today`s society fail to notice that there is no such thing as ‘gifted ‘and ‘ungifted’. We fail to appreciate diversity!

Diversity is what gives this world colour, vivacity and uniqueness; we would be so much happier if we learned to appreciate the small things that people do, say or express in any other way!

Look in the mirror! See those freckles? (This is just an example. The freckles may very well be your hair, your voice or whatever makes you feel uncomfortable with yourself). Of course you do! You’ve been wondering how to get rid of those for quite a while now, haven’t you?

The freckles aren’t the problem! And don’t think your eye-sight is perfect because you can see all these little ‘flaws’! Actually, these are the very things blindfolding you and stop you from exploring your real potential and seeing what you are truly made of!

Bothering yourself with this kind of details consumes your precious time and energy while your real potential is just held back and screaming: “I need attention! Look at me, I am here!”

Most young people (and not only them), end up living focused on the insignificant aspects of their being while missing out on such great opportunities that life has in store for them ! As a result, they live a dull life and fail to quench their inner thirst for knowledge, passion or adventure.

It’s a dreadful tragedy to see people failing for no reason! Because there is something taking up precious mental, spiritual and physical resources. These are not just some exaggerations. We simply tend to take these things lightly because so many among us confront themselves with these problems so we tend its “normal”.

Good news and some bad ones!

Let us start with the good, saying that these inferiority feelings are all in our head! They do NOT represent reality! It is us who don’t like freckles and turn them into “mountains”! Nobody else really cares!” Think of you! Do you care about someone else’s freckles? No, and maybe you don’t even see them until that person starts complaining about them.

We can change everything if we learn to change the way we think and consequently take off the nasty blindfold!

It is only then when we can start exploring our real potential plus love what our mirror portrays us to be .We’ll also learn that the only things that can be labeled are jars, not people! We can feel the sparkle and finally know how it’s like to shine because of who we are and because of our gifts.

On the other hand (the bad news), even though it’s all in our head, it takes practice to change the way our mind works and it isn’t that easy to modify the process. It would have been much easier if we had not let these false images of ourselves creep into our mind in the first place, yet there’s no use in beating ourselves up for that. Most of what is done can be undone!

With that being said, let’s start even if it might turn out to be a bumpy ride and just consider every bump a massage.

The trick is to learn to love everything that makes you different and unique. You might have heard this phrase one too many times, but that’s just because people, have experienced these things and came to the same conclusion: there is something special in EVERY person! You add color and substance to the place you are. Why not add a lovely color?

What we see as ‘perfect people’, are not in the real world because no human being is perfect. That is why pencils have erasers…


3 comments on “No One Is Perfect.

  1. Dini says:

    Masha Allah, thanks lot!

  2. midaydreamz says:

    Love this, well done maa shaa Allah *round of applauses*

  3. kamaal says:

    Contentment comes thr follow of Deen otherwise human has unlimited desires.

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