Dua of Imam al-Ghazali

Dua of  Imam al-Ghazali

“O Allah , of Grace I ask You its perfection ;

and of protection its duration

and of mercy its completion ;

and of health its attainment.

Of livelihood , I ask its comfort ;

and of life its happiness ;

and of virtue its completion ;

and of blessings its totality ;

and of graciousness its sweetness ;

and of benevolence the nearest.

O Allah, terminate with happiness our final end

and fulfill for us our hopes beyond expectations .

Join with well-being and good health

our early mornings and dusky evenings ,

and set Your mercy as our final end and outcome.

Pour the abundance of Your Forgiveness

upon our sins , and favor us with the

removal of our faults.

Give us piety as a provision and place

our efforts in the strengthening

of Your Religion.

In You is our trust and upon You our dependence.

O Allah , strengthen us on the road of sincerity

and righteousness and protect us

in this world from that which will be cause

for regret on the Final Day.

Lighten for us the burden of our sins

and bestow upon us the blessings of those

who live a life of Righteousness ,

and be sufficient for us and avert

from us the evils of those who do evil.

Free us and free our fathers and our mothers

and our teachers from the fire of hell by

the grace of Your Mercy.

O most Mighty , most Merciful , most Generous;

the Veiler (of faults) , the Gentle One , the Potent.

O Allah…O Allah…O Allah…O Allah…

O Merciful… O Merciful…O Merciful…

O most Merciful of the Merciful…

the First of the First and the Last of the Last.

The Possessor of unshakable Power.

The most Compassionate to the poor

and the destitute.

O most Merciful of the Merciful.

“There is no God except You.

Glory be to You. Indeed I am amongst

those who have done wrong”

May the blessings of Allah be upon Muhammed ,

his family and all of his companions.

And praise belongs to Allah alone , Lord of the worlds.”

Aameen Thuma Aameen.



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