Why Did Allah Prescribe Fasting?

Why Did Allah Prescribe Fasting?

 The earlier generations were also commanded to fast. Allah commanded us to fast during a small portion of the day that lasts only for a month. Imagine, if we had to fast the whole year?

 Fasting as prescribed to us Muslims to remember Allah and to get closer to Him. The difficulties of fasting make us realize the troubles that the poor experience day in and day out

Allah said, whoever fasts, it will be good for him. Therefore, there is much goodness in fasting, if only we knew the amount of rewards and bounties that a fasting person will be bestowed with. Allah said: “Fasting Belongs To Me, And I Will Reward You On The Day Of Judgment”

Fasting is one of the pillars of Islam and Allah has not mentioned much about the rewards He has reserved for us. If we only comprehend the meaning of fasting, we would be crying and thanking Allah for allowing us to live as human beings, and providing us the ability to obey Him even while fasting.


2 comments on “Why Did Allah Prescribe Fasting?

  1. White Pearl says:

    Ameen…Summa-Ameen !! MashAllah ! Lovely and touching…

  2. Md.Adi says:


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