Miracle In Silence

Miracle In  Silence


It seems contradictory to speak, or write, about silence because silence is really something to be experienced. In the experience of silence, we discover deep spiritual truths and come to know our spiritual self

 Silence grows within us, helping us to progress and develop in a very subtle way, just like a seed: the flower is hidden in the seed; the seed is hidden in the earth. Sunlight touches the earth that warms the seed and the flower begins to grow. Like a seed, we are also full of a great deal of potential. It is not really knowledge, or discussion that will truly develop that potential. They help, of course, but it is the light of silence that penetrates very deeply and awakens the potential within, inspiring it to burst and to blossom into a flower.

 Silence is also a space that gives the mind oxygen, allowing the creation of something new, filling life with power and strength.

 Everybody’s religion nowadays is one of being busy. Everyone’s rushing around, doing something, proving something, showing something.

In that rush to be someone, we tend to forget the great power and miracle found in stillness.

 Please spend some time silently for yourself to know the power of your powerful mind


One comment on “Miracle In Silence

  1. Adeeb says:

    An interesting piece, alhumdulilah.
    I came across it whilst researching articles on silence. It is a topic which has interested me more and more over the past year.
    Living in a busy city, working in a busy environment, I have found increasing dissatisfaction with the noise and information overload we are bombarded with every day.
    I now try to spend at least one day a week in silence. Not total silence ( since we must make salam, speak when necessary etc) but some time spent not speaking or communicating with gestures only. Insha’allah this will bring peace and also deeper understanding of myself and the world around us.

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