The Farewell Khutba for the Last Friday of Ramadhaan

As sala’amu alaikum

With great sadness today is the last Jumuh of The Blessed month that Allah has given us the ability to witness, to invoke Allah’s forgiveness, to reform ourselves for the better. Sisters and Brothers in Islam , it surly does not mean now that Ramadhaan is going to pass, we should resort to our previous bad habits, we have refrained from it for a WHOLE month, surly that tells us that we can refrain from it altogether! Remember your deeds are not written down only in Ramadhaan, but the whole year! Remember that Allah knows everything we do, say, and think! So let us, do GOOD, say GOOD THINGS, think GOOD.May Allah Thee Almighty Give Me And You To Carry On Practicing The Good We Have, And To Never Let Us Go Back To Our Bad Habits…

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