Strong Imaan Vs Weak Imaan

Strong Imaan Vs Weak Imaan

What strength is OUR IMAAN!!


  • Weak Imaan: Live, enjoy as if you’ll die Tomorrow… Strong Imaan: Worship Allah as if you’ll die Tomorrow
  • Weak Imaan: Please yourself… Strong Imaan: Please Allah
  • Weak Imaan: Follow what you believe and your desires…  Strong Imaan: Follow the Qur’an and the Sunnah.
  • Weak Imaan: leave it to luck…  Strong Imaan: leave it to Allah
  • Weak Imaan: Enjoy yourself, you are still young…  Strong Imaan: Seek knowledge, you are still young
  • Weak Imaan: commit sin: don’t worry, no one will know…  Strong Imaan: Stay away from sin. Allah is the all seeing, hearing, knowing
  • Weak Imaan: I’ll start tomorrow Inshallah…  Strong Imaan: Right now!
  • Weak Imaan: I am too young to die…  Strong Imaan: death can take your soul any second.

One comment on “Strong Imaan Vs Weak Imaan

  1. ireminisces says:

    Asalamu alaikum,

    JazakAllah khair for sharing this information.

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