The Mercy of Allah

The Mercy of Allah

Allah never withholds anyone from seeking His mercy anywhere or anyhow. Anyone who asks for His mercy will definitely find it.

Prophet Ibrahim (AS) found it inside the fire. Prophet Yusuf (AS) found it inside the well as well as in prison. Yunus (AS) found it inside the whale’s abdomen in three darkness. Musa (AS) found it in the sea, while he was a completely helpless child, as he found it in Pharaoh’s palace while he was his enemy who was looking for him.

The Companions of the Cave found it inside the cave while they missed it in palaces and houses. They said to one another, “then seek refuge in the Cave; your Lord will open a way for you from His Mercy….” Rasulullah (SAW) and his Companion (RA) found it in the cavern when their people were chasing and tracing them. The mercy of Allah is found by anyone, who seeks refuge to it despairing of any other mercy, depending on no other power but the power of Allah, heading for no other doors but the door of Allah.

Furthermore, whenever Allah opens the doors of His mercy, no one can withhold it, and whenever He withholds his mercy, no one can send it. Hence, there is no fear of anyone or hope in anyone, there is no fear of anything or hope in anything. There is no fear to miss a means, and there is no hope having the means. It is only Allah’s will, and to Him return all affairs.

What Allah opens, no one can withhold, and what He withholds, no one can send. The command is directly to Allah and there is none to put back His decrees. He sends and withholds in accordance with ultimate wisdom behind sending and withholding.

“Ayesha (RA) asked Rasulullah (SAW): “Does one come to Paradise only by the mercy of Allah?”  Rasulullah (SAW) repeated three times over: “No one comes to Paradise except by the mercy of Allah!” “Not even you. Messenger of Allah?” she asked. “Not even I, unless Allah enfolds me in His mercy.”



3 comments on “The Mercy of Allah

  1. el hussein musa says:

    may Allah have mercy on all the muslims both the dead and the living.

  2. Ameen zoalang we dat we weten Alhamdulilaahi
    Maa aa ch Allah prachtig verhaal

  3. kamaal un Nabi Khan says:

    We always seek mercy of Allah.

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