Let Us Ponder!!!

Let Us Ponder!!!


If we plant honesty, we will reap trust.
If we plant goodness, we will reap friends.
If we plant humility, we will reap greatness.
If we plant perseverance, we will reap victory.
If we plant consideration, we will reap harmony.
If we plant hard work, we will reap success.

If we plant forgiveness, we will reap reconciliation.
If we plant openness, we will reap intimacy.
If we plant patience, we will reap improvements.
If we plant faith, we will reap miracles.



If we plant dishonesty, we will reap distrust.

If we plant selfishness, we will reap loneliness.
If we plant pride, we will reap destruction.
If we plant envy, we will reap trouble.
If we plant laziness, we will reap stagnation.
If we plant bitterness, we will reap isolation.
If we plant greed, we will reap loss.

If we plant gossip, we will reap enemies.
If we plant worries, we will reap wrinkles.
If we plant sin, we will reap guilt.

So we should be careful what we plant now, it will determine what we will reap tomorrow, the seeds we now scatter, will make life worse or better, our life or the ones who will come after. Yes, someday, we will enjoy the fruits, or we will pay for the choices we plant today.


2 comments on “Let Us Ponder!!!

  1. kamaal un Nabi Khan says:

    Muslimah, It is very useful information as difficulties are results of our bad deeds.
    You will be rewarded of all these information by the Almighty.

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