To Be Caring And Loving In A Marriage.

To Be Caring And Loving In A Marriage.

To make a beautiful marriage we should learn from the marriage Rasulullah (SAW).

  • Know their feelings: Rasulullah (SAW) told his wife Ayesha (RA) that he knew she was pleased with him when she said: By the God of Muhammad (SAW), and when she was angry she used to say: By the God of Ebrahim. Spouses need to be aware of each other’s feelings. This will help to resolve differences.
  • Consoling: On a journey, the wife of Rasulullah (SAW), Saffiya (RA), was late. Rasulullah (SAW) received her while she was crying and wiped her tears with his hands and tried his utmost to calm her.
  • Laying in her Lap: Rasulullah (SAW) would recline in the lap of Ayesha (RA) even if was menstruating.
  • Combing Hair: Ayesha (RA) would comb Rasulullah (SAW) hair and wash it. Love in marriage sees each spouse doing things for the other. This has a huge psychological impact.
  • Kiss: Rasulullah (SAW) would kiss his wife regularly, even when entering home or leaving for Salaah. For a marriage to survive, love has to be expressed.
  • Compliments: Once the Rasulullah (SAW) was gazing at the world within his wife’s eyes. He then said to her: “How white are your eyes.”

May Almighty Allah grant us the ability to practice upon the Noble teachings of our Beloved Rasulullah (SAW) Aameen  ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


3 comments on “To Be Caring And Loving In A Marriage.

  1. Beautiful post, mashallah! Thanks for sharing sister!

  2. kamaal un Nabi Khan says:

    Good one article, keep it up.
    Thanks Allah will reward you

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