Self Improvement

Self Improvement

  • Use your energy on important thing: If you want to succeed in life, you should not waste your energy on activities that do not bring any benefits. Such useless activities include surfing the Internet without any purpose, watching TV, worrying and wasting money. When you are involved in such activities, you have no or little energy left for activities that can create a better future. It is worth prioritising and accomplishing important tasks first, and then if you still have enough energy, you may decide to do the unimportant.
  • Focus on one task at a time: If you want to get perfect results, you should only concentrate on one activity. This way all your energy will go into it and you will accomplish it perfectly. If you waste your energy on several things at the same time, you will get average results because you will divide your energy between the activities.
  • Control your thinking: To avoid chaos in your mind resulting in chaos in the outside world, you should try to observe your thoughts. Once you start doing that, you will notice how many negative thoughts you get daily. By observing negative thinking you will be able to emotionally disengage from it. As a result, negative thinking will affect you less and you will notice that your days are getting more peaceful and positive.
  • Get organised:  When you live in an organised manner, you do not suffer from stress and your life is peaceful and balanced. To start living this way, you should start planning your day in advance. This will eliminate any stress caused by being late to a meeting or forgetting to complete some task. You should also live in tidiness because by keeping your home clean you also keep your mental state clear and peaceful. Such mental state will benefit you in many ways, including improved memory and less negativity.
  • Live in the present: Although this self improvement activity may seem strange to you, it is a very important activity that many ignore. The majority of people do not live in the present. They either dwell on their past or daydream about the future. They seem to forget the most important time of all – the present. You should enjoy every present moment because your current state of mind always manifests in the outside world, creating your future accordingly. Therefore if your main mood is very positive, you will experience only happy days. However, if you dwell on negative thoughts, you are sure to encounter many obstacles and misfortunes in the present and days to come.
  • Complete each task in a perfect manner: Whenever you are working on some project, try to accomplish it in the best way possible. Always ask yourself ‘Is this project turned out as perfect as it could possibly be?’ If the answer is no, try to correct or add something to it until there is nothing that you can improve. This way you will make sure that each single task you accomplish is done in an excellent manner. By doing this you will create successful future because you cannot possibly fail if you only get perfect results. Also, when you entirely focus on one task excluding everything else, you will notice that you start enjoying the task. If you concentrate on the task but still do not enjoy it, that means that you probably see the task as a means to an end rather than the process. You should start focusing on the process itself to find enjoyment in the task. Such enjoyment will fuel motivation and you will accomplish everything quicker and better. If you enjoy your work, you will put only positive energy into it. As a result, your completed tasks will bring you success.
  • Challenge yourself: Nothing develops you more than challenges. Challenges force you to shift your comfort zone, experience new situations and make you grow. Without challenges life would be very boring and depressing. Challenges are necessary for every human being who is seeking quality life. Only through trial and error you realise who you really are, which activities you like and what preferences you have. You can easily measure the success of a person by the amount of challenges s/he had.
  • Read personal development books:  There is nothing more important than searching information about self improvement. Without reading any self improvement books or articles you cannot improve yourself.
  • Socialize only with positive people: Positive people can inspire, empower and make you happy. It is so much worth to be at least once in a while with positive people rather than constantly spend time with negative friends or relatives. If you spend your days with, for example, lazy people, you may notice that you are becoming lazy. If all your friends’ main qualities are negative, try to avoid all of them. This way you will not be affected in a negative way and after some time will start attracting positive people.
  • Exercise: Daily exercise develops determination, focus and patience. It improves your health and strengthens your body. It makes you more active, positive and invincible. People who exercise every day are always perceived as strong-willed and disciplined.

Conclusion: These personal improvement activities are sure to put you on the track to success. I hope that you will apply the steps in this article and, as a result, will greatly improve the quality of your life.


3 comments on “Self Improvement

  1. It is meaning thatt we wake up Alhamdulilaahi with Allah Soebhan Wa Ta Allah on your mind someyimes it is difiicult to think postief its in the position that ou are at that moment but you try to do hart your best to think positief you do your salaat you clean your house you go shopping than you get your self on internet on facebook where you only can talk about the Isam you only write Qoeraan recitations hadtihts you learn from your sisters and brothers in the islam you dont give yourself the change negatief all the time we say Alhamdulilaahi what Allah Soebhan Wa Ta Allah has written for you for today say Alhamulilaahi and thank Him that you are still alive thank Him that you eat drink Alhamdulilaahi all the time
    put your hard full off your love fotr Alllah Soebhan Wa Ta Allah and you will find peace in your hart and in your soul Alhamdulilaahi for everything

  2. aminaremmy says:

    Truly stated very educative thanks for sharing always keep positive friends in life…postive in our deen.

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