A Blessing From Allah… Health

A Blessing From Allah… Health

Islam considers health to be one of the greatest blessings to have been given to human beings by Allah. Indeed, it is considered the greatest blessing after faith itself.

Rasulullah (SAW) said: “There are two blessings which many people do not appreciate: health and leisure.”
Rasulullah (SAW) also said: “No blessing other than faith is better than well-being.”

As an aspect of grace, man should express gratitude to Allah for it, and it should be properly looked after. Good health is something for which we are accountable to Allah.
Rasulullah (SAW) said: “The first thing every servant of Allah will have to account for on the Day of Judgment is that he will be asked by Allah: Have I not given you a healthy constitution and have I not quenched your thirst with cold water?”
Rasulullah (SAW) also said: “No one will be allowed to move from his position on the Day of Judgment until he has been asked how he spent his life; how he used his knowledge; how he earned and spent his money; and in what pursuits he used his health.”

It is part of the duty of every Muslim, therefore, to safeguard this blessing and not to allow any change to overcome it through ill usage. Otherwise, he will be severely punished, according to Allah’s immutable laws.
Taking good care of one’s health and taking every measure to maintain and enhance it. On the basis of this principle, every Muslim should make sure of doing whatever doctors confirm to be conducive to the preservation of good health. Moreover, the Quran and the Sunnah contain teachings that show every Muslim how to protect his health generally and how to take care of each of his organs. An important means of health protection and promotion is to give to each part of our bodies its due.
Rasulullah (SAW) said: “Your eyes have a claim against you.” One must not overburden oneself: “Bear only what you can cope with.”

How many of us really look after our health? We should always pray for ones good health Inshallah.


One comment on “A Blessing From Allah… Health

  1. Arif Mahmood says:

    Masha Allah, nice work you have done, its really successive only in following the commands of Allah Almighty and His beloved Messenger, Muhammad S.A.W.W.
    Jazak Allah Kahir,

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