My Proclamation To Myself…

My Proclamation To Myself…

 I proclaim that today is a perfect day to claim

Custody of my life; to realize that it’s choice,

Not chance that creates fate in life.

I proclaim victory over the circumstances

Those have presented themselves in my life

And I will look for a way through,

Under, around or over the mountains

Those seem to stand in my way.

I proclaim that this day and every day

Is a blank page – a new chance to accept

What I need to and change what I can.

I proclaim that it is never too late to start over;

To call for a re-do. I can learn the lesson,

Then forgive and forget.

I proclaim that I will own my own power…

Even when it seems hopeless and there is no light

At the end of the tunnel.

I proclaim that I am perfect in my imperfection;

I will strive to quiet my mind

And forgive myself for falling short.

I proclaim that when I am frustrated,

Unfulfilled, distracted or negative

I will become a Master of Change

And select another emotional state. I choose to grow!

I proclaim that when I get to the end of my rope

I will tie a knot and hang on. I realize

If I want the rainbow, I have to put up with the rain.

I proclaim that my faith in Allah is always with me.

I proclaim to Thee Almighty I will always turn.



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