A Story With A Moral… Going With The Current.

A Story With A Moral… Going With The Current.

There’s a story about a group of Chinese men walking through the woods beside a rushing river.

Suddenly, they spotted the body of an old man bobbing up and down in the roaring rapids.

“Thinking the old man was dead, they ran to the river’s edge trying to figure out how they were going to fish the body out of the water so that it wouldn’t be swept out to sea.

Their discussion came to an abrupt halt when the old man, who they had thought was dead emerged out of the water, dried himself off and started walking away.  The men ran after the old man and asked, “How did you survive in that water? No one could swim in that water without being killed.”

“It is really easy” the old man replied. “I just went up when the water went up, and down when the water went down.’

Moral: We always have a choice in how we will meet life’s more difficult moments. We can either resist and fight what is happening, thereby risking getting sucked in by the turmoil  and drowned in our own misery, or we can ride the current, bobbing along with each wave until we are carried aloft through the rapids and into the peaceful and quiet stream at its end. That, after all is what going with the flow really means.


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