As sala’amu alaikum

To Everyone, celebrating Eid tomorrow or on Wednesday, (here in SA we having Eid on Wednesday) I wish you all a happy and joyous Eid Mubarak.  

Walaikum as salaam
“O Allah, make my love for You the most beloved thing to me, and Your displeasure with me the most fearful thing to me, and instill in me a passion for meeting You; when you have given the people of the world the pleasures of their world, make the coolness of my eyes (pleasure) in worshipping You. Aameen Thuma Aameen




Taqabbal minna wa minkum.

One Eid the Abbasid Caliph Harûn al-Rashid donned his splendid imperial robes, mounted his horse and rode into the street. The soldiers cleared the Sultan’s path, while the people gave him an ovation, gazing admiringly at his beautifully embroidered robes. At that moment Bahlul the Wise Fool barred the Sultan’s progress, reciting some stanzas containing guidance for Harûn and, through him, for us. It was as follows:

“The Festival is not a matter of dressing up in fine new clothes.

The Festival is celebrated by serving Allah and being aware of your Lord.

To celebrate the Festival is to be Sultan of the heart, not Sultan of the realm.

Sultans of the realm pass into oblivion, but the Sultan of the heart is never forgotten.

To celebrate the Festival is to be delivered from the divine punishment at the Resurrection.

The Festival is not a matter of wearing perfumes, but of being sorry for one’s sins, repenting and not committing them again.

The Festival is not about riding on horseback, but about giving up faults.

The Festival is not about sitting on the imperial throne, but about crossing the dreadful Bridge, To sit on the thrones of Paradise.

The Festival is celebrated not by boasting of palaces and power, but by bringing the light to the darkness of the tomb and equipping it through good works.”

This brought Harûn al-Rashid to tears. It brought me to tears, will it bring you to tears as well?

EID SAEED To One And All!

All good is from Allah whereas mistakes are from this humble speck. May Allah Bless the ummah, bringing us all closer to Him and Rasulullah (SAW). May He accept our humble efforts and grant us the capacity to be good and do good. Aameen Thuma Ameen



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