The Listener… The Healer.

The Listener… The Healer.

There comes a time when you see happiness,
when life is brimming with enjoyment.
Your mind is full of peace,
your heart fully content.

A time that comes to everyone’s door,
whether the occupant is rich or poor.
Different in many ways,
but happy all the same.

Don’t get excited all too fast,
harmony does not always last.
A calamity may befall you all too soon,
it brings you back on land.

The death of someone close,
or betrayed by someone you trust.
Or something different entirely,
which you may find unjust.

Most pull through this difficult time,
though some may struggle.
There are some that simply lose hope,
unable to get through the muddle.

But listen to me O friend!
Listen to me well.
There’s someone out there who’ll listen,
someone who won’t yell.

He’ll listen to you carefully,
He’ll give you the help you need.
To ask Him for his support,
is all you need to do my friend.

He is One, Who will understand you,
He is aware of your inner state.
He doesn’t need a doctor’s degree,
or an ID card.

Keep faith, I’ll tell you who He is,
my fellow friends take heed.
He is undoubtedly the One and Only,
the Almighty Allah indeed.


6 comments on “The Listener… The Healer.

  1. ada says:

    I Luv this article,very inspiring.Alhamdulillah.thnk u n may God Unite muslims n help us ol

  2. Muhammad Baqar says:

    wow very very nice artical, may Allah bless u always

  3. Dua says:


    Masha-Allah beautiful beautiful poem :-) Jazak-Allah for the motivation! Indeed, He is the listener N the healer – Subhan-Allah! Allah bless N reward you, Insha-Allah :-)

  4. xyz says:

    Good posting for keeping our trust in Allah strongly and firmly.
    keep up the same work:)

  5. mehmudah says:

    Beautiful poem, Masha Allah!

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