The Little Important Things In Life.

The Little Important Things In Life.

  • Love: The special feeling that makes you feel all warm and on wonderful.
  • Respect: Treating others as well as you would like to be treated.
  • Appreciation: To be grateful for all the good things life has to offer.
  • Happiness: The full enjoyment of each moment. A Smiling Face.
  • Forgiveness: The ability to let things be without anger.
  • Sharing: The joy of giving without the thought of receiving.
  • Honesty: The quality of always telling the truth.
  • Integrity: The purity of doing what’s right, no matter what.
  • Compassion: The essence of feeling another’s pain, while easing their hurt.
  • Peace: The reward for living the Most Important Things In Life.

One comment on “The Little Important Things In Life.

  1. Dua says:


    Jazak-Allah :-D Indeed, little things in life count the most! N there is nothing more peaceful than living life with all these “little” things/blessings. Allah bless.

    Allah Hafiz.

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