Simple Phrases For Us To Use Every day.

Simple Phrases For Us To Use Every day.

*When You Meet a Muslim- Assalamu Alaikum (Peace Be Upon You).
*When a Muslim Greets You (a Muslim) First- Walaikum Assalam (And Peace Be Upon You).
*When Starting To Do Something- Bismillah (In the Name of Allah).
*When Intending To Do Something – Insha’Allah (If Allah Wills).
*When Something Is Being Praised- Subhana-Allah (Glory Be To Allah).
*When In Pain and Distress- Ya-Allah (O’ Allah).
*When Expressing Appreciation- Masha-Allah (That Which Allah Wills).
*When Thanking Someone- Jazak Allah Khair (May Allah Reward).
*When Awakening From Sleep- La-Ilaha-Ill Allah (There is None Worthy of Worship Except Allah Alone).*If you know the awaking dua than you can read that.
*When Sneezing- Alhamdu-Lillah (All Praise Be To Allah).
*When Someone Else Sneezes- Yar-Hamuk-Allah (May Allah Bestow His Mercy On You).
*When Repenting Of A Sin- Astagh-Ferrullah (May Allah Forgive).
*When Giving To Charity- Fi-Sabi-Lillah (
In Allah’s way).
*When A Problem Appears- Tawak-Kalto Al-Allah (I Trust In Allah).
*When Unpleasantness Occurs- Audhu-Billah (I Seek Refuge With Allah).
*When Pleasantness Appears- Fata-Barak-Allah (May Allah bless you).
*When Participating In Prayer- AMEEN (May Allah Answer).
*When Parting From Someone- Fi-Aman-Allah (May Allah Protect).
*When Death Message Is Received- Inna-Lillahi-Wa-Inna-Ilaihi Rajiun (To Allah We Belong And To Him We Shall Return).
*When afflicted by matters of the heart- Allahumma tahhir qalbi (O Allah Purify my heart).
*When one finds something disagreeable- Allhumdhu lil laahi ‘alaa kulli haalin (Praise be to Allah under all sects and conditions.).
*When evil thoughts come to mind – A’oozu bi laahi minash shaitaani aamantu bil laahi wa rusulihee (I take refuge will Allah from Shaytaan. I repose my faith in Allah and his Apostles).
*When a Muslim seeks another Muslim with cheerful countenance- Adh-hakal laahu sinnaka (May Allah always keep you cheerful!).

3 comments on “Simple Phrases For Us To Use Every day.

  1. nauman khalid says:

    I must say Mash Allah,,, over here,,, you shared great info,, we as Muslims must share these like information’s,,,,,,,to the the people know who really need to learn,, thanks for sharing..

  2. Dua says:


    Jazak-Allah for this entry N Adh-hakal Laahu Sinnaka :-D

  3. aminaremmy says:

    Very educative daily words to practice and use..Thanks for this.

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