A Story With A Moral… True Love For Rasulullah (SAW).

A Story With A Moral… True Love For Rasulullah (SAW).

A Jew lost his invaluable ring and accidentally a poor Muslim man found it. When this Muslim came to know that it belonged to the Jew he went to return it to him. The Jew smiled and asked him: “Do you know its value?”
The Muslim replied: “Yes.”
“You found this and you are also poor and needy!” said the Jew.
“Yes you are right.” The Muslim replied.
The Jew asked “Did it not come to your mind that by selling this ring you can live a comfortable life as you had an excuse that it belonged to a Jew?”
The Muslim asked him, “Why should I have thought that way?”
The Jew continued to ask, “Why did you return this ring to me when I was not knowing that you had found it?”
The poor Muslim replied: We believe in the Day of Judgement. I told myself that if I do not give this ring to the owner, then during the accounting of the deeds of the people on the Day of Judgement my Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) and your Prophet Moosa (AS) would be sitting together and you will be complaining about this to your Prophet Moosa (AS) and then your Prophet Moosa (AS) would complain to my Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) that a person from your Ummah has done such an act. And at that movement my Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) would not be able to answer. I have returned this ring so that on the Day of Judgement, My Prophet Muhammad (SAWS) is not put in an awkward situation.”

Moral: Think like a MUSLIM, act like a MUSLIM and love ALLAH and RASULULLAH (SAW) like a true MUSLIM.

2 comments on “A Story With A Moral… True Love For Rasulullah (SAW).

  1. Taj says:

    This story motivates me to become a true muslim

  2. aifi says:

    i like this story!

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