A Muslims Life.

A Muslims Life.

It is amazing how Allah treats a Muslim
A Muslim’s life should be a dream
The little servitude to show our gratitude
Is rewarded by Allah in countless magnitude

Imagine praying through the whole night
But not doing all your might
With just a short congregational Fajr prayer
You are considered to have done a night endeavour

In fasting the same principle sticks
A month of Ramadan plus another six
The reward is just like fasting a whole year
Doesn’t this make you happy to hear?

Now what will you say
No amount of money can pay
When the whole night and year
You are in lifelong servitude and that’s clear

Small deeds big rewards
Not just mere worldly awards
It is Allah’s ways –
So Muslims do not sway.

But do Muslims take our chances
The many opportunity opens without punches
Allah has given a place in heaven
For Muslims – that’s the best of tavern

In the little deeds we do
And the servitude too
Open doors to our salvation
Just to it! Without reservation

Such a beauty of Islam
The matter others slammed
Coz they do not understand
In Islam small matter is grand

Just a smile is considered a charity
Where can you get such clarity?
Only in Islam with certainty
Start small with dignity

Now the information has been passed
Don’t wait act fast
It won’t take much of your time
Given the rewards all should be fine.


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