Pass On Loving The Most Merciful

Pass On Loving The Most Merciful

Love is the essence of how one expresses his or her emotions for someone.
Purity is in our hearts and our emotions influence our thoughts and our demeanour, but our character emanates from our intentions, which in fact, emanate from our hearts and minds.
Fate is the share of sustenance apportioned to a person at any given time or place. Allah is above time, space, and matter, so we are in control of our will. Remember, Allah is the Most Merciful and the Beneficent, so Allah’s mercy is present when and where it is needed.
Glory and praise is to Allah alone.
Faith is the conscious and subconscious understanding, belief, and act of one’s love and obedience and respect of Allah.
Knowledge is what one seeks to better his or her capacity and ability of knowing who the Creator is.
Guidance is one’s light towards paradise, as one’s fine actions, good deeds, and well-spoken nature determine his or her proximity to reality and one’s approach to the truth.
Realization is one’s way of propelling goodness in the heart, truth in the mind, and honesty in one’s speech. Through this one learns to appreciate who Allah is in his or her life.
Glory and praise is to Allah alone.
Allah is the Great and the Greatest. The realization of Islam comes from Allah’s guidance through the light of knowledge endowed to mankind in the Holy Quran. One’s faith in Allah is in his or her heart. Your fate is not a weakness but strength. One should use their ability well and must encourage mercy and goodness. For we originated in a state of purity, so pass on loving the Most Merciful in a state of purity.


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