A Story With A Moral… Kindness To A Dog.

A Story With A Moral… Kindness To A Dog.

Hasan ibn Ali narrates that he was once passing by a garden in Medina, when he saw a slave who had a piece of bread in his hand. He would eat from it and feed a piece to a dog that was with him, in this way he and the dog shared the bread equally between them.

Hasan asked him: “Why have you given half the bread to a dog? You could have had more of it to eat for yourself by concealing it from the dog.” The slave replied: “I am too shy to deceive the dog, while looking at it in the eye.”

Hasan asked him: “Whose slave are you?” He replied: “I am the slave of Abban ibn Uthman.” Hasan enquired: “Who does the garden belong to?” The slave replied: “To Abban.” Hasan said to him: “I request that you wait here until I return.”

He proceeded to the owner and purchased the slave and garden from him.

When he returned, he said to the slave: “I have purchased you.” The slave stood up, saying: “I have heard you and obedience is to, Allah, His Messenger (SAW) and you, my owner.”

Hasan explained further: “I have freed you from slavery for the pleasure of Allah, and I give this garden to you as a gift.”

The slave remarked: “O my master, I too give this garden in the path of Allah.”

Moral: When man has fear of accountability in the Court of Allah, man will automatically abstain from deception, lies and dishonesty when dealing with EVERY CREATION OF ALLAH’S


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