A Story With A Moral… Quest For Knowledge.

A Story With A Moral… Quest For Knowledge.

Abdullah bin Abbas (RA) says: “After the passing away of Rasulullah (SAW) I said to an Ansari friend of mine: Rasulullah (SAW) is not now with us. But a large number of Sahabaa are still among us. Let us go to them and get knowledge of the Islamic practices. He said: ‘ Who is going to approach you for learning a regulation in the presence of these eminent Sahabaa?’ I was not discouraged. I kept up my and approached every person who was supposed to have heard something from Rasulullah (SAW). I managed to gather substantial information from the Ansar. If on my visit to someone of the Sahabaa, I found him asleep, I spread my shawl at the gate and sat waiting. Sometimes my face and body would get covered with dust, but I kept sitting till they woke and I was able to contact them. Some of them said: “Abdullah you are the cousin of Rasulullah (SAW) you could have sent for us. Why did you take the trouble of coming to our places?” I said to them: “I must come to you, for I am a student and you are my teachers.” Some people for whom I had waited said: “Since when have you been waiting for us?” I informed them that I had been sitting there for a pretty long time. They said: “What a pity! You could have awakened us from our sleep.” I said: “I did not like to disturb you for my own sake.” I thus carried on my pursuits, till there came a time when people began to flock to me for learning. My Ansari friend realized this at that time and remarked: “This boy has surely proved himself more sensible than us.”

Moral: Besides our quest for knowledge to earn a livelihood in this world, we must as well gain sufficient knowledge of Islam. No matter what age group we belong to at this moment, we should at least have that much Islamic knowledge with which we can turn our 24 hours life into worship. Those with knowledge and practice will be exalted in this world and in the hereafter.



One comment on “A Story With A Moral… Quest For Knowledge.

  1. Muhammad Baqar says:

    it is true, and keep so much deep inside meaning, when we do thing to leased Allah Allah is the one who gave us sense, and much better common sense, we need to follow these pios people behaviour and try to keep their attitude in our personal life, ultimately the sucess is the one if we get credit in Allah eyes other wise it is just a action no reward, reward come when we pleased Allah and do thing for Allah, may Allah guide us on right path till the last breath ammin

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