A Lesson For Life…

A Lesson For Life…

“Death cast it’s steely gaze beyond the door,
In stealthy silence he moved across the floor.
The unsuspecting child was asleep upon his bed.
In the flash of just a moment an innocent was dead.

A life is lost and his soul torn asunder,
As death resounded like approaching thunder.
His parents tears can’t erase the pain,
Their lives will never be the same.

His life is gone, it went too fast.
But only Allah knew how long it would last.
They never taught their son about faith,
They thought there was time but now it’s too late.

Was the child too young to teach him well,
What is right or wrong, what is heaven or hell?
What will they do, what will they say,
When the trumpets sound on the judgment day?

A lesson was there for us all to learn,
That the blessings of Allah must be earned.
The knowledge of faith is all in our hands,
We might live to regret ignoring Allah’s commands.”


2 comments on “A Lesson For Life…

  1. Muhammad Baqar says:

    very nice artical, may Allah bless u forever, may Allah guide every one to understand hiqma of Allah

  2. Dua says:


    Indeed a GREAT Lesson to learn from this, Jazak-Allah! :-)

    Allah Hafiz.

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