Heads Down On Earth…..

Heads Down On Earth…..

Non Muslim scientist proved we are more electrically charged now than ever before;

 Due to the electromagnetic radiations from the things around us like:

  • Mobiles 
  • TV
  • AC
  • Microwaves etc…

If we don’t want this radiation to harm us, we should place our forehead on the floor more than once a day, as the earth has the tendency to absorb radiation. It is also proven that it’s more effective when your forehead is placed on the sand!

We Muslims put our heads down on Earth more than 34 times daily in Salaah (or we should) Subhaan’Allah!

There is always wisdom behind Allah Almighty’s commandments. 

So think about….

 فَبِأَىِّ ءَالَآءِ رَبِّكُمَا تُكَذِّبَانِ

“Which of the favours of your Lord will you deny?” (Surah Rahman)


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