Allah’s Way…

Allah’s Way…

Allah knows what’s best for us
So why should we complain
We always want the sunshine
But He knows there must be rain

We always want the laughter
And the merriment of cheer
But our hearts will lose their tenderness
If we never shed a tear.

Allah tests us often
With suffering and with sorrow
He tests us not to punish us
But to help us meet tomorrow

For growing trees are strengthened
If they withstand the storm
And the sharp cut of the chisel
Gave the marble grace and form

Allah tests us often
And for every pain He gives to us
Provided we’re patient
Is followed by rich again

So whenever we feel that everything is going wrong
It is just Allah’s way
To make our spirit’s strong.


2 comments on “Allah’s Way…

  1. Dua says:


    Subhan-Allah, indeed it’s only Allah’s way :-) Jazak-Allah for this motivational entry, there is Always N always somethin to be grateful for.

    Allah Hafiz.

  2. Muhammad Baqar says:

    yaver it is true when we have less wife should not be sd and be patience, when Allah test us i always say just take care my few important bill then i will be readt for any test, i dont want my kids to be on street by not paying rent, though it never happen thanks God, but when Allah test us wife should be patience, and can not make life miserable that husband wish and dua that God give me death or let me do the suside, i will take test if important bill will be taken care and wife if she happen to be muslim be patience, can not scream angry beat kids and make life absolute hell that husband wish suside with test Allah gave wisdom to wife, then test is fine, and i have experience that Allah will pay bills some how, wish we take Allah will gladly use brain go figure out

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