A Short Dua

A Short Dua

“Ya Allah
Give me the strength to pray and obey you
To fear you and your punishments
To follow my Rasulullah (SAW) and his Sunnahs
To take his advice and not get mad
To love all of my Muslim brothers and sisters
To hold my mouth and protect my womanhood
To read the Qur’an and not forget it
To listen to you and proudly wear my hijab
To introduce the Deen to nonmuslims
To help anyone and everyone in their time of need
And Insha’Allah, to enter your gates of Jannah and live happily ever after for the rest of eternity… Aameen Thuma Aameen.”


One comment on “A Short Dua

  1. Muhammad Baqar says:

    very nice dua, may Allah gave taufeque to every one remember and make impliment of this dua on his or her self refelect on every part of our life weather is open or hidden, may Allah give my self also taufeque to implement this dua on my self directly or indirectly, ammin

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