The Life In Jannah

The Life In Jannah

Beyond this material world, the authentic life of eternity lays

Through the spiritual serene blue skies and where the sun shines its vivid rays

Are the beautiful and unique stages of heaven

Where Allah has refined and reserved all seven.

The true Mu’mins will enter the highest level

As they devoted themselves only to Allah, and refrained from the evil of the devil.

Their enriched hearts, will escort them through inside

Not a single person who enters will grieve, as Allah has clarified.

Paradise will be adorned with rivers of water, honey, milk and wine

And fine servants decorated with ruby’s and pearls, all standing readily in a line.

Keenly waiting to serve you one after one

No more labour to do, just having fun.

Luxurious mansions and palaces made of silver and gold

Where the people of Jannah will live in and never get old.

Wearing expensive ornaments and beautiful silk gowns

Living superior than royalty with deluxe thrones and elegant crowns.

Plenty of time to tour about,

With astounding sceneries and landscapes to scout.

Vibrant flowers and delicious fruits to eat

Surrounded by loved ones, angels and prophets to greet.

Come Muslim brothers and Sisters, let’s join to supplicate

That the highest of Jannah will be where we will celebrate.

This life is the ultimate trial!!!!

Which will determine our fate, so let us make it worthwhile!


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