How Do Our Hearts Respond?

How Do Our Hearts Respond?

Think, what happens when a group of professionals enter a building. What happens? Each professional finds himself pondering over a certain element of the building according to his own specialty. Correct?
The carpenter finds himself pondering over the doors and windows.
The bricklayer finds himself ponder over the walls and pillars.
The architect finds himself pondering over the design and practicality of the building.
The electrician finds himself pondering over the lights and their wiring.

..Likewise, the situation of a Muslim – who is awake and aware of Allah – is just like this…

The moment he hears a frightening noise, he remembers the blowing of the horn for the day of resurrection, when he witnesses a darkness, he remembers the darkness of the grave, when he experiences heat, he remembers the horror of the hellfire, when he sees beauty or experiences a sweetness, he remembers the expanse and magnificence of Paradise..

A conscious believer never forgets, but rather, is alert and observant and sees signs of Allah in every walk of his life…

Our predecessors were just like this… Yes, it may be that their eyes would sleep like ours, but their hearts were ever-awake…

Al-Hassan al Basri was once given a cold glass of water to drink. He took hold of the vessel but at the blink of the eye, he collapses on to the ground and passes out…

After a period of time, he finds himself regaining consciousness and in the middle of a crowd of people who are worried for him! “Abu Sa’eed (his nickname)! What happened?!”… Perhaps he was ill? Perhaps he is anemic? Perhaps he is allergic to something? …Perhaps..? But his reply took them all by surprise. He says: “I remembered a verse in the Qur’an where the people of the fire will scream at the people of Paradise, begging them to pour over their burnt bodies’ cold water…”

How many reminders do we witness each day?.. How do our hearts respond?


One comment on “How Do Our Hearts Respond?

  1. Dua says:


    Allah the merciful the greatest make our Imaan so strong that our heart can only respond in Islamic way, so strong that our thoughts are all covered with Quraan-o-Sunnah! Ameen-sum-Ameen. Jazak-Allah for sharing this.

    Allah Hafiz

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