The Presence Allah

The Presence Allah

When we are blessed,

Allah is Al-Rehman

When we are hungry,

Allah is Al-Razzaq

When we are honored

Allah is Al-Mu^iz

When we are weak,

Allah is Al-Muqeet

When we pray,

Allah is Al-Mujeeb

When we need friend,

Allah is Al-Wali

When we are detracted,

Allah is Al-Haadi

When we are gifted,

Allah is Al-Kareem

When we are forgiven,

Allah is Al-Ghafoor

When we are in the darkness of Hopelessness,

Allah is Al-Noor

If we are sinner,

Allah is Al-Thawab

We should always feel,

the presence of Allah.

2 comments on “The Presence Allah

  1. Muhammad Baqar says:

    indeed every words was 100% true, wish including myself every one always aware of Allah that he is present all the time, when difficulty comes it was and has a purpose for our attenction to diverge toward Allah thats is not for usto run from Allah, wish i always make a point and remember Allah in happiness and in sorrow. amin

  2. Amina Remmy says:

    Since l subscribed to this link l have been getting very wonderful and good reading materials that are valuable and adding my Islamic knowledge day in day out. Insha’Allah May Allah reward the team abundantly and give them the energy to advance further in educating the Muslimah.
    A challenge to us all Muslimah is to force time and read any sent material and share it out Insha’Allah.Wabillahi Taufikum!!

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