O’Slave of Allah!

O’Slave of Allah!

“O’Slave of Allah!

How strange is your affair!

You are heedless of your Lord

Yet He remembers you much

You fast not for His Sake

Yet He provides for you your sustenance

You question Him when calamity falls

Yet He keeps you safe from harm

You walk not to His house

Yet He provides you with a healthy body

You turn your face away

Yet He blesses you with beauty

You withhold your hands

Yet He provides for you wealth

Your face does not turn red when He is abused

Yet He answers you when you need

You complain about what you don’t have

Yet He showers you with blessings

You compete in sin

Yet He withholds His punishment

You laugh like you will live forever

Yet He allows you to wake each day

O’Slave of Allah!

Who destroys you but you?”


One comment on “O’Slave of Allah!

  1. Muhammad Baqar says:

    very nice indeed every word is awsome, may Allah open every one eyes including my self ammin

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