Advice For A Productive Ramadhaan

Advice For A Productive Ramadhaan

Those tips I find good for ramadhaan, and I’m supporting this because Rasulullah (SAW) really toke much care of time specially in ramadhaan, because the Thawab is doubled Insha’Allah,  so don’t miss the opportunity and give yourself the chance to be different in ramadhaan.

  • Have sincere intentions, work hard and make lots of dua for an ultimate productive Ramadhaan.
  • Plan your day each day of Ramadhaan, the night before. Choose 3 important tasks you want to achieve the next day and record it in your diary.
  • Never EVER Miss Suhoor, wake up at least 1 hour before Fajr and have a filling balanced meal.
  • Start working on your most important tasks right after Fajr and get at least 1 or 2 done.
  • Try to get an afternoon nap, not more than 45 minutes either just before Dhuhr or after Dhuhr.
  • Plan your Ramadhaan days (and life!) around Salah times, not the other way round!
  • BLOCK at least one-hour for reciting Quran each day.
  • Break Your Fast with Dates and Milk or Dates and Water, go pray Maghreb, then come back for a light meal.
  • Give lots of ‘Physical Sadaqah’; get involved in organizing community iftars, charity drives, helping orphan… etc, earn rewards working for others. And this should carry on after Ramadhaan as well.
  • Don’t miss an opportunity for Da’wah! When someone asks you why you’re not eating, give them a beautiful explanation of Ramadhaan and Islam.

Oh  Allah give  me the ability to practice all that I say, give me the ability to always do, practice and say good . Aameen.


2 comments on “Advice For A Productive Ramadhaan

  1. Muhammad Baqar says:

    nice artical, and explain in a way it could reach to the heart and brain of even dumb person alsowith out any difficulty, may Allah gave u wisdom of billion brain may be more may be up to infinity, Allah bless u ar ur family always, for doing so good for muslim umma, may llah make u a mile stone for islam, ammin

    • muslimah says:

      As sala’amu alaikum
      Jazakumullah for your kind words and duas. May Allah grant me and you the understanding of our beautiful religion,Islam, and may we practice it accordingly.Aameen Thuma Aameen.
      Walaikum as salaam
      “O Allah, make my love for You the most beloved thing to me, and Your displeasure with me the most fearful thing to me, and instill in me a passion for meeting You; when you have given the people of the world the pleasures of their world, make the coolness of my eyes (pleasure) in worshipping You. Aameen Thuma Aameen

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