To Miss…

To Miss…

We may miss the train, bus or plane. We may miss parties or a HOT job. We may miss our dear ones and many/much more favorite things when we stay far away from them. We may miss so many things for which we craved for and make sounds like: Ah! Uh! Aha!

We often miss phone calls…

One day: will we have to miss the world? (!)

Will we miss our passions? What actually will we miss when WE will be missing?

One Saint was asked, “O Hazrat! Why do we fear death so much? Why do we not want to abandon this world?” The reply from him was, “Very simple to understand! Would someone like to travel toward a place where he hasn’t built a house? Definitely not. You fear death because you haven’t built a house in the life hereafter. You know it well too. Because your efforts and energy has been spent to harvest this worldly life’s residence. Therefore, your soul attracts the world – where you have your home (certainly very temporary one). There is no preparation of living in the life hereafter (whereas, one has to live there forever). And death is the incident which will make you homeless!”

Oh Dear Bothers and Sisters! Don’t Miss Allah Love… Don’t miss the intercession of Rasulullah (SAW).

Remember the wise poet’s words:

“When I came into this world,

I was in tears – crying; all around me had smile faces.

When I would die, may all around me be in tears!

And may I be smiling; may my face be in glazes…”

My request is Dear Bothers and Sisters, NOT ONLY emotions for Islam. Be a Muslim, Build up a life of our Model Rasulullah (SAW). This needs emotion, motion & patience. The closeness of Lovers of Allah is the easiest of paths. Just test once!

Revive the Sunnah & refrain from sins, see how this worldly life becomes heaven for you! By Allah…This world is our Lord’s. He even would never had given opportunity to a disbeliever (to His enemy) drink a sip of water from this world, if He valued this world equivalent to a mosquito wing! Ah.. Only if we (the believers) could realize!

Give up temporary feelings and instigate eternal feelings. Discover what you actually should be missing!


One comment on “To Miss…

  1. amna sadia says:

    very nice post , please send me more.

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