A Believer And Sabr

A Believer And Sabr

Patience is a virtue I’ll try to explain,

A blessing in disguise always to remain.

From very deep inside the well of my heart,

Peace of body and mind and the will to start.

I’m summoned by a call at the dawn of the day,

Just giving thanks to Him as I kneel to pray.

Endurance is my counsel and faith my guide,

The door is open to the struggle inside.

With knowledge of certainty, I now can see,

The reality of truth, plain as can be.

It is charity that gives meaning to this life,

From the love of my caring in times of strife.

Piety and wisdom help me through the day,

But always I will return to kneel and pray.

For it is patience, the essence of my goal,

That enlightens and gives meaning to my soul.


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