The Qur’an For Busy People

One comment on “The Qur’an For Busy People

  1. Muhammad Baqar says:

    no matter how bussy we are need to come up with some time to read quran, i have seen so many times if i really think in my heart deep down that Allah is sufficient for my affairs my worldly need ful fil as it was never there, it happen so many times, to read quran all the available time even when we are driving off course we dont need to do any thing other then keep our eyes on road or trafic we ful fil our duty and get reward also, even i notice hundreds of time and i thought i was or never going to tell any body ever this is happen hundred of times i was driving on a bussy hollywood freeway the cars are jamming inch by inch and suddenly i have niticed while i was reading quran between my car and other are about more then five hundred feet of gap, why and how it happen i dont know, all the traffic is so cunjucted and i noticed that big gap between my car , it happen for real 100% true, and i constantly keep residing quran and keep driving, this is not a story ita a real thing, and Allah is the one who can do it impossible to posible, can u imagine there is millions of cars and u can see the gap of 500 feet why i guess only Allah know, if any body have brain go figure out

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