Tears Of Repentance.

Tears Of Repentance.

O’Allah, I have not paid all debts in full to You and it hurts

But glorified be to You!

Truly; I have been of the wrong-doers

So, cleanse me of my sins as white cloth is cleansed from dirt

For verily, none can forgive except You.

O’Forgiver of sins and Acceptor of repentance

Indeed I raise my longing for Your acceptance

I beg of Thee Forgiveness, piety, and contentment

Thus my Lord; You are my comfort and enjoyment

And I turn to You O Allah, in my broken suffering

Paralyzed with tears as my tawba shakes my being

For verily, none can forgive except You.

My Rabb, to whom I turn to & and answer all supplications

Truly, I found Your forgiveness to be greater at all times

And I beseech You to accept the few good deed of mines

To forgive my crime O Allah is major, present and past

And my sins are like the highest tower of class!

So I turn to You, my Creator in full humility

As tears blossoming on each side in sincerity.


One comment on “Tears Of Repentance.

  1. Muhammad Baqar says:

    very nice artical, may Allah bless u for writing such a good artical, may Allah bless ur whole family always, i pray for u , please pray for me, thanks

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