Sometimes, when home seems far away; and
the horizon seems impossible.

Sometimes, when stress is pressing a lot,
we hit the pebbles on the road, and crush the leaves under our feet.

“let me go back”, is what we think.
but stop a while and look back, what do we see?

we have come a long way, so many seasons,
have we seen here,
so many pastures, have we crossed by.

So many times, we felt the cool breeze, and
smelt the moist soil.

So many rainbows, we made here, and
so many times, did they splash colors in our life.

So many times, we ran hard, and
crossed the hills in no time.

And now, when we are almost home we feel low.

Once look around and see,
the grass is still green, and small shades are still there.
Autumn has grown old, bees have started buzzing, and
birds humming new songs.

Rest for a while and start again fill our life with zest
and forget about the rest we have to pace up this time, and
see that we do reach home.

Note: “Sometimes” is a poem talks about the state of mind where all of us must have fallen at least once in our lifetime, when the goal we want to reach seems too difficult like a horizon. When we become so depressed that we want to leave and try no further but every night falls into the arms of morning and every tide does fall after rising isn’t it. This is how life goes on we should always believe in ourselves.


2 comments on “Sometimes.

  1. Muhammad Baqar says:

    good artical, nice words of wisdom, may Allah bless u always, thanks for reminding golden words from time to time, please pray for me, i pray for u almost all th time when even i remember thanks

  2. Muhammad Baqar says:

    very nice and impressive artical may Allah bless u always

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