The Benefits Of Dhikr-Remembrance Of Allah

The Benefits Of Dhikr-Remembrance Of Allah

1) Dhikr expels and suppresses Shaytaan and pleases Allah.
2) It removes anxiety and distress from the heart and brings happiness and joy.
3) It brings wealth and livelihood.
4) 1t leads to self-control and Ihsaan, so that a person worships Allah as though he/she were seeing Him.
5) It opens the door of knowledge and understanding.
6) It brings fear and respect of Allah.
7) Allah will remember anyone who remembers Him, (Therefore remember Me, I will remember you).
8) It eliminates sins.
9) It removes any isolation between a servant and his/her Lord.
10) Dhikr saves one from Allah’s punishment.
11) Dhikr helps one to forget about backbiting, slandering, telling lies and falsehood.


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