If Everyone Were Blind

If Everyone Were Blind

If everyone was blind,

maybe then we would see

the true side of beauty,

deep within you and me.

No one could judge us

by our outer looks,

like the fancy covers

on expensive books.

We’d see with our hearts,

and not just our eyes,

and what we discover

might be a surprise.

There would be no need

to try to impress,

with the way we look,

or the way that we dress.

The only thing that would matter

is the way we would feel,

not phony or cheap,



2 comments on “If Everyone Were Blind

  1. Imraan says:

    Wow sister what a beautiful poem. You are truly an inspiration. May you keep up this great blog.

  2. Gally says:

    Assalamu alaikum. Beautiful poem, inspiring and real. Thank you for sharing!

    — Gally

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