A Choice

A Choice

I see you doing wrong, You say you’re not so strong,
To fight against Shaytaan.
Your evil desires drag you along.
Mankind and jinn have one thing in common.
They differ from Allah’s other creation.
The animals, trees, birds, bees and everything existing,
fallow Allah’s decree.
As people you and I should agree,
That we all have the ability ,to choose.
Allah shows us right.
Allah shows us wrong.
He gives us a brain, a mind.
Now its up to us to choose, what we have to do.
If we choose to do right,
Allah will give us guidance,
And bring us into the light.
He would grant us everlasting paradise and delight.
If we chose to do wrong,
Evil will turn us down a road of darkness ,confusion, and frustration.
A road that leads to a terrible destination.
The fires of hell are wicked and merciless.
Only you could put your self in this.
The choices you make,
The things you choose,
must not be taken lightly, must not be abused.
Everyday every hour every minute of your life, You’re making choices.
What will I wear?
What will I say?
Should I say anything?
Should I sit here?
Or talk to them?
Or eat this?
Or buy that?
Allah will ask us: “what did we sing, learn, watch, say and do?
Why did you lie? Why did you curse?
Why did you wear that tight skirt and shirt?”
Did Allah not give us all that we need?
So that we must commit sins and bad deeds?
There is no excuse for the evil you do.
Do not talk foolishness when we know the truth.
We cannot lie to Allah.
He knows all that we do.
If you love Allah fully and true,
Try your up most to please him,
and pray for him to be pleased with you.

At The End It Is Our Choice! So Let Make The Right One The One Allah Would Be Pleased With!


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